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Help your business reduce energy costs

Reduce your companies electricity bills

One of the most cost-effective ways to save money in your business is by replacing those old incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps with energy-saving LED lights for your work and staff areas. The savings are big and are all seen in the numbers and just by adding a 114 watt cfl globe it can save you up to 50 euro over the life of the lamp. If you're replacing halogen lamps with LED lighting 112 watt bulbs that is equivalent to 50-75 halogen lamps and thus you have potential for huge savings in your business overheads. By switching to Led lights not only will you have cheaper electric bills for your business you will also have better light quality, longer lasting bulbs and you will also be helping the environment.

Mahony Energy Solutions are Dublins lead led light energy experts and we can assure you that by working with us we can cut your lighting costs by up to 85%. 

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