Save on Electric Bills

Save on Electricity Bills

Save money on your Electric Bills

Energy Solutions for households and Businesses.

Mahony Energy Solutions Electricians that save you money.

Mahony Energy Solutions are here to help you save money and cut back on your energy costs. Whether you are a small household or a large business making some simple changes can save you a lot of money when your electricity bill comes through the door.

Below you will find some suggestions that are guaranteed to help save on energy bills.

1. Switch Supplier: By switching suppliers you can make instant savings. If you double up and switch both gas and electric you can make even bigger savings potentially saving up to €300.00

2. Switch off lights and appliances: This is particularly true for businesses but is also applicable for households. If your not using it don't just turn it off plug it out. Even items that are turned off pull electricity so its good to get into a habit of plugging everything out. If your a large business with multiple PC's, laptops and other appliances then this simple step can save you lots of money on energy bills.

3. Submit your meter reading: Rather than letting the electric company estimate your bill simply take your meter reading and submit it to your provider. Sign up for an online account and you can submit your meter reading via your online account.

4. Nighttime Chores: Most Electric companies charge more for using power during peek times. So by doing power hungry chores at night you can make big savings on electricity bills.

5. Buy energy efficient appliances: If your appliances break down consider replacing them with the best energy saving appliance in your budget. Spending a little more on a energy saving appliance is definitely worth it if you make it back within a few months.

6. Service your Central Heating: Boilers that are not working at full efficiency eat up way more power. Its important to service heating appliances regularly to keep them working at peak levels. It also means they are way less likely to break down in the middle of the winter when you need it most. Power flushing your gas or oil boiler and central heating system can increase efficiency by up to 25%

7. Replace your Light bulbs: Replacing your light bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs like led lighting can result in huge savings. By upgrading to more energy efficient LEDs you can save up to as much as 85% on your lighting bills. For more information on potential energy savings and how Mahony Energy Solutions can help reduce household and business energy costs please see our energy saving page

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